Top killers of revenue growth for financial advisors and insurance producers stem from three main problems. 




Productivity is being compromised, causing cases, projects, and operations to lack clarity and urgency.

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With a limited number of hours in a day, certain high priority projects move down the list or never get implemented

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Valuable time and money are instantly lost when systems and processes are not in place

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When these problems are not addressed, inefficient performance within a firm is guaranteed to bury productivity, hinder growth and reduce revenue.

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The Principal

Fereshteh Fattaahi has a background in corporate finance with companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Capitol Records. In addition, she has several years of experience working with the Advisor Consulting Group, a privately-held financial planning firm. Not only does she bring to the table her extensive experience in corporate entertainment finance, but her skill set also includes several years of experience working for an iconic insurance producer – and she has certainly experienced many of the industry’s daily fire drills first-hand.

The everyday, mundane burdens that hinder growth for financial and insurance professionals can easily be organized and streamlined. By handing off tasks such as project organization, implementation, and execution, firms are able to focus on high-priority projects and increasing revenue. With this basic inception – the need to look at workflow from a whole new angle – Slant Consulting was launched.