Influence and Success

Without all the stress

Bringing firsthand experience in the life insurance and financial advisory industries, Slant Consulting was developed in 2017 after identifying a disconnect between finance, sales, proactive marketing, and implementation.

Although not currently accepting new clients at this time, the company website has been repurposed to operate as an active resource for best practices to help privately held business owners who may face the following real-life business issues:

#1 Lost Time
You have great ideas that could bring incredible results but no time to execute them. In the meantime, opportunities to act are slipping by — quickly! How can you recapture lost time and implement marketing initiatives, without missing out on sales opportunities and revenue?

#2 Sunk Marketing Costs
You may have hired someone to handle your marketing in the past.  However, engaging just any individual or firm may result in wasted money and compounded frustration, as most firms don’t quite understand the industry or how to communicate with your niche market. How do you ensure that the message in your head is communicated clearly with your audience without taking away from your daily work?

#3 Unstructured Systems and Processes
Most of us live in a world where trial and error are required in order to stay ahead of the majority and succeed.  However, when we constantly seek new methods of trying things without setting systems and processes in place, we may be lacking organization which can lead our minds and bodies to exhaustion.  How can we reflect on what has worked vs what has not worked, and then capitalize on structure and organization to implement repeatable processes and grow in scale?

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The Principal

Fereshteh Fattaahi

Fereshteh founded Slant Consulting on the idea that a different approach to workflow can enhance productivity and move marketing projects through to completion, allowing privately held businesses to be more successful and profitable. 

With extensive experience in corporate entertainment finance for a couple major movie and music studios and a few years working for several iconic insurance producers, Fereshteh’s sole purpose has been to connect the dots between finance, proactive marketing and streamlined implementation. 

Fereshteh currently works for Navitas Wealth Advisors but enjoys writing periodically and actively helping privately held business owners identify marketing best practices and lead them to achieve influence and success without all the stress!