Influence and Success

Without all the stress

Bringing firsthand experience in the financial services and life insurance industry, Slant Consulting was developed in 2017 after identifying a disconnect between business development, marketing communications and project execution.  

As a guide, we partner with privately held business owners and professional advisors to become clear around strategic marketing goals and objectives, organize a plan and communicate with intention.  Clients come to us to assist them in solving one or more of these three common issues:

#1 Clarity
Without clarity around what is in place and what is available, it can be difficult to make decisions that allow you to move marketing communications and business development forward within your business. 

#2 Organization
Regardless of your personal or professional life, everyone thrives in an environment that feels organized with a plan or sense of structure.  Without a plan in place, we have found that our clients lose sight of proactive business development efforts and fall into a repetitive, exhausting cycle of pursuing only what is directly in front of them.  

#3 Communication
Innovative ideas will remain static and unheard unless they are shared in a way that the audience is able to understand and connect the dots.  Without a method of clear communication around what is available on an on-going basis, opportunities to help clients achieve better outcomes will be missed.  

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The Principal

Fereshteh Fattaahi

Fereshteh founded Slant Consulting on the idea that a different approach to workflow can enhance productivity and move marketing projects through to completion, allowing privately held businesses to be more successful and profitable. 

With extensive experience in corporate entertainment finance for a couple major movie and music studios and a few years working for several iconic insurance producers, Fereshteh’s sole purpose has been to connect the dots between finance, proactive marketing and streamlined implementation. 

Fereshteh is currently accepting a limited number of clients, but enjoys writing periodically and actively helping privately held business owners identify marketing best practices and lead them to achieve influence and success without all the stress!